Friday, September 4, 2009

Keep it SECRET?

Is it good to keep SECRET..?
If we are asking to other people, comment answer that we will get... "depends on the situation"..... bla bla bla.... boring... hu4... I just need the answer.... Either is it YES or NO.

In my opinion, its better us to share our probs... Of course not to all people that we known, perhaps to one who we trust, ,the one who know u well, the one we depends with.... yeah maybe,... It could be our parents, partner, or even ur truly best friend.

Sometime when we having a problem, it is difficult to us to think rationally. Then, there come a heart broken, fighting, regression and so on.... maybe that problem easily can be solved, become worst... Have u heard some people keep saying 'Sharing is Caring'...? People share with u because they care, love wanna be apart of u..

With sharing ur problem it can create a better feeling for u. U will feel that release all the burden that u have. Maybe u can get a better solution, with more options... Because we are divers men... not all of us are same regarding our opinion, knowledge, experience event toward to the same point... huh...? Is it good...? in the same times, u will make ur relationship with that person getting better and better...

Ha ha.. That all for now... Hope can share more later.... da.... and


(even it to late to wish)

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